7 Reasons that Men Have Affairs and What YOU Can Do To STOP It

It’s very common nowadays to find that more and more men are cheating, and having affairs on the side of their relationship, whether a boyfriend/girlfriend one or even marriage. And it’s very sad to think that most women have at some point in their dating lives been faced dealing with a man who has cheated, and asked herself “will a cheater ever change?”

What you’re left with now, especially if you’re looking for a new man or beginning the early process of dating a new man, is to avoid having future relationships fall apart to your man having an affair on you on the side.

Before we give you advice on how you can actually deal with and even prevent being in a relationship that is destroyed by your man having an affair on the side, here are 7 reasons why men do have the need to cheat, so by understanding these you can gain an advantage in dealing with the issue if it ever arises.

#1 – You man may not be happy

If your man isn’t happy he is definitely going to have the desire to cheat and start up an affair on the side. The majority of polls done on males who have cheated show that this is indeed the most common reason, and the saddest part is that this can be prevented.

If he’s not happy, he will seek an affair because affairs are “fun” and it spices up his sex life because it’s something he has to hide from you.

You may be making the mistake of not respecting your man. That is a crucial part in any relationship. Sure you know that it’s also important that he shows respect for you but it has a totally different meaning for a man than for a woman. According to a study, man would rather feel unloved than disrespected – whoa! That is a really big thing. Are you respecting your man for who he is? Don’t make the same mistake that so many women do in marriages and relationships. Learn how to apply the respect principle. You can read more about the respect principle, what it is and how it can help you to get the relationship you want in this “The respect principle: what man secretly want review“. You will discover situations in which you were terribly disrespectful but didn’t even notice it.

#2 – It was a mistake and only happened one time

This may sound crazy but it’s true. Sometimes it may happen and he could find himself doing it just because it naturally happened and he didn’t mean to find himself in the situation. How could this even be possible? The usual culprit that causes this is alcohol.

Once in the situation, he finds himself naturally wanting more and more and he’s suddenly stuck in an affair without even realizing it.

#3 – He’s a coward and doesn’t want to be a real man

Another unfortunate reason he may be having an affair is that he’s just a coward. He’s too afraid or doesn’t want to face the hassle of breaking up with you, or even having a divorce, so he just does it behind his woman’s back and takes the easier way out.

This is the easier way out because in a relationship many things are set in place, and by cheating he doesn’t have to take those things apart.

#4 – He’s an even bigger coward than in #3!

How can he be a bigger coward than the previous one?

He is too afraid and doesn’t have the balls to end it so he decides to have an affair. BUT then he also purposely remains to keep it hidden very carelessly hoping you will find out about it and in turn break up with him and end the relationship yourself.

This makes you the person who takes the first action, and he simply cruises through being weak.

#5 – He may be having an affair because he’s clueless and lost as to what he wants in his life

There’s definitely the chance that he has no idea what he wants in his life and from a relationship so he’s just chasing whatever he can get (and this includes an affair).

If this is the case then it’s unfortunate and it must be dealt with immediately.

#6 – Ego boost and makes them feel like a “real man”

This is more common in insecure men who feel they need to compromise due to a lack of some sort of manly characteristic. So, they end up cheating and having an affair on the side simply for the thrill and feeling of fake “manliness”.

Having the feeling that they are wanted by more than just their spouse or partner gives them this ego boost that allows them to think they are the hunters and the kings, which is a primal instinctual desire for a man.

#7 – Revenge

Definitely the most unfortunate, however, also the most uncommon, revenge could be the underlying reason for your man to seek an affair. Did you cheat in the past on him? Or had he ever been cheated on in previous relationships?

Sometimes a man can feel like he just needs to cheat and have an affair on the side because it’s to get someone back or pay you back if you had hurt him in the past with something similar.

As you can see, overall, every man could have a different story for why he was having an affair or why he may want to have an affair. It all depends on his past stories, as well as his personality, and even his specific situation that is happening in his life with his relationship.

What do you need to do to prevent it from happening?

The best thing to do to prevent it from happening, now that you also know the most common reasons it even happens in the first place, is to have an open line of communication both back and forward.

Make sure that he knows he can come to you with any queries or concerns. You need to make him feel comfortable and tell him that he should most definitely come to you if he feels unhappy with something in the relationship.

People change over time, and so both parties in a relationship must adapt to accommodate for these changes. It’s very important that this happens, because at different stages in people’s lives they want and need different things.

If you can be welcoming to this, and he doesn’t feel like he will be shut down or judged for his opinions on what he wants, he will then come to you and you can see what he’s feeling and effectively have him tell you he may need an affair before he does it.

From here you can work it out between both of you.

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